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Swag Bender with Dr. Dariel "DT" Henry

Apr 17, 2019

Patrick Phillips, “The Change Agent,” is a doctoral student, college instructor, urban education specialist, award-winning speaker and author, certified educator, and school social worker. He is a recipient of the President of the United States Volunteer Service Award and the author of The Intentional Student: 17 Strategies To Survive & Thrive In College From Day 1, Decisions: A Young Man’s Guide to Avoiding the Traps, Change 101: Average Is Crowded, and the Decisions: Success Is Optional curriculum. Mr. Phillips is a graduate of Georgia State University (GSU). He holds master’s and bachelor’s degrees in social work.

Through his work, Patrick has partnered with various organizations, schools, colleges and companies throughout the United States. Additionally, his motivational/educational videos and audiotapes, which have more than 200,000 views and listens on YouTube and various social media platforms, have been played in classrooms and for organizations throughout the United States. He continues to facilitate change one engagement at a time.


We discuss his new book Don’t Just Love Your Son… Raise Him 15 Thought Provoking Questions For Single Mothers Raising Sons.