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Swag Bender with Dr. Dariel "DT" Henry

Dec 20, 2019

Anthony Norton is a former college football player from Belle Glade, Florida turned book author.  His new book "PeeWee, I Swear I’m not Lying: Experience Changes Lives…Or So I Think!" is available online and in bookstores.  

(From Amazon) This book offers a glimpse into the significance of human perspective. Among the many lessons it holds is one that highlights the role of experiences, and the path one selects for himself. Furthermore, it teaches one that he must correct his perspective in order to move in the right direction.Secondly, this book lays emphasis on the teachings of the church and reflects how God guides us towards the right path. Last, but not the least, the book touches upon the importance of good company. Good companions guide you towards the light, while bad companions push you far into the depths of darkness. Your life is a sum of your experiences, and your experiences are brought by the company you keep. So, make sure it is worth keeping.